Title: Blinding Passion
Author: Immortal Aussie
Email: immortal_aussie@hotmail.com
Rating: FRT-13
Summary: After a freak accident at work, Mac is temporarily blinded and Horatio comforts him
Warnings: Slash and lots of angst
Disclaimer: All this belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer. I'm just borrowing them for my own enjoyment and will return them unharmed
Challenge: 7 crossovers on Horatio Caine/Mac Taylor from CSI: Miami/CSI: New York
Prompt: Set 4- prompt #6 Blinded
Word Count: 568

Mac was still on forced leave as he was still recovering from the bomb explosion at the lab which had scarred him badly and resulted in temporary blindness. After nearly two months off work he was only just beginning to regain his sight. That was why- at Stella's urging- he was on a plane on his way towards Miami to visit Horatio. When the plane finally touched down at Miami Airport three hours later Mac found his way to a taxi waiting outside. It took Mac another hour for Mac to reach his destination of Horatio's house.

It was exactly the same as when he was last there. Mac grabbed something to drink and waited for Horatio to come home from work which he did three hours later to find Mac asleep on the couch.

Sitting down next to Mac, H shook him awake. Once he was completely awake H took him in his arms and gave him a kiss on the head. “Hey there, I’ve missed you. What are you doing here?” He asked Mac.

“Missed you too, love. I’ve been off work for about two months and was so sick of being at home by myself I decided to come visit you.”

“Why have you been off? I haven’t heard of anything happening. You do realise you were welcome to come down a lot earlier than now?”

“I know I had some things to do at home which I usually don’t have time to do. We were at a scene and a bomb exploded temporarily blinding me. I couldn’t exactly do anything for the first month as I couldn’t see properly. This past month I’ve been catching up with everything that’s happened even though it was pretty boring. I’ve still got another month off though.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I had no idea. I could have come up and stayed with you. It’s been so quite down here I’m sure they would have managed without me. How long are you staying? I could probably be off for a couple of weeks, maybe more considering how much holiday leave I’ve got.”

“I know you would have. I just didn’t want to burden you. I can stay as long as I can so technically I could stay for the whole month but then again I may not. I’ll stay for as long as you can get off. If that’s three days or a month it will be fine with me. I love you and just want to spend a bit of time with you.”

“It wouldn’t have been a burden. I’ll just ring the chief and see how long I can get off. I know, I love you too.” Pulling out his phone H, dialled the chief’s number and requested some time off so he could spend it with his lover though he didn’t say that. He just told him that Mac was down from New York to visit him and was still recovering from an accident.

Hanging up Horatio gave Mac another kiss, this time on the lips and whispered, “I got three weeks off just to spend with you. Let’s enjoy it while we can. First let me take care of you.”

Later that night as they lay side by side in Horatio’s bed Mac murmured, “Thank you for everything.”

Smiling Horatio said, “I’ll be here if you ever need me. I love you and always will.”

The End  


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