Title: Lonely

Author: Immortal Aussie

Email: immortal_aussie@hotmail.com

Fandom: CSI: Miami/CSI: New York

Rating: FRT-13

Disclaimer: Not me but Jerry Bruckheimer and co own these characters

Summary: After Horatio moveís to Miami he realises how much he misses his lover

Warnings: Slash

Challenge: 100moods on CSI: Miami

Prompt: #60 Lonely

Authorís Notes: Sequel to ďLife LessonsĒ

Itís been a couple of months since I had to leave my lover and move to Miami due to Resden. At first I just felt numb but didnít now why. I fitted in right away and really like everyone- apart from Meghan that is. I just miss Mac, my beloved Mac, oh so much. I miss holding him in my arms at night. I miss his smile, laugh, smell. I miss just everything about him. I really regret moving to Miami but I had no choice, I wish he could have come with me but at least we still keep in contact. I miss him so much it hurts everyday.



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